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10 Awesome Ethnic Modern Home Design Ideas


When many men and women fall asleep with all the modern design using a minimalist design, obviously it doesn’t matter in the event that you still maintain the home using a traditional style with a bit of modern cultural. Yes, the home with the traditional idea of the home but mated using a modern home design could be a fairly ideal home. Perfect in regard to art, ideal in regard to relaxation and ideal also from the equilibrium of home design from modern and modern classic acculturation.

It’s indisputable that with all the movement of a modern age, the requirements of people may construct a very simple and easy home, the want for sensible thinking, certainly make the modern-day homes now like a hut that’s simply polished with some a simple roof and easy. If our ancestors could see now, certainly they’d stroke the torso and feel anxious, since the original design and their work started to be abandoned and forgotten. That is unfortunate.

Cultural home is a home built with cultural elements. You have to understand first that cultural is a phrase that describes”art, culture and local culture”. Ethnic identity differs from federal identity.

So that has started to lead into the freedom of architectural function. Since Modern term consistently shows the sophistication of civilization.

In this paper, we’ll discuss about the qualities of this design of the homes of yesteryear, the unique and exotic traditional home, which should be maintained and preserved to become part of modern home design.

Bedoom with Large Window

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Now it is time to get into the bedroom. Make the most of the beautiful environment to turn into a property of abundant oxygen. You may earn huge windows in the room directly overlooking the outdoors. Since it is an cultural home, make it using all the wooden sills.


 image source : architecturein.com

The 2nd or 3rd floor of a modern cultural house is ideal for a library. Together with the breeze, make you comfortable read this book. In order to fall asleep.

Small Field to Play

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Attempt to make a play area for your kid, they’ll love this.

Center or Back Yard

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Exotic homes are extremely near nature: tropical fish and plants ponds. If your yard isn’t big, keep there’s a mini fish pond along with a string of decorative plants which may refresh the air.


 image source : creative-designahmedwafi.tumblr.com

Ethnic character isn’t just obtained from the assortment of furniture and room accessories just, but in addition can be out of material choice. One of these is your roofing material rumbia in this lavish bathroom. However, for the restricted funds, simply utilize vintage bathroom ceramics and historical mirror.

Ethnic Bedroom 

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From that bedroom, the cultural element is only supported by the choice of drawers and wall hangings. The headboard is a sculpture of alloy. The wooden blades on the ceiling add to the traditional and earthy texture.


 image source : dedishop.co

Ethnic impression isn’t necessarily with the choice of furniture that’s carved. Warm colors and tropical plants are sufficient to represent it.

Workspace II

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To reveal cultural impression on the workspace, you may even highlight two giant tribal masks on the rear wall in addition to different types of crafts on the other table.

Kitchen and Dining Room

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The traditional Javanese lamp is a powerful character of traditional ethnic-style residence. But this very distinctive chandelier remains harmonious when compared with a modern home, so long as it doesn’t contrast with its cultural style.

Living Room

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The living room ought to be made as comfortable as you can. Although with no room accessories’odor’ cultural, home minimalist cultural principles can be obtained by choosing a couch and coffee table out of stained wood.