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40+ Cozy Scandinavian Living Room Decor Inspirations

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The Scandinavian aesthetic could be applied to a lot of different spaces. Its adore of simplicity, natural elements, and functionality is especially ideal for any living room. Have a glimpse inside some lovely, organized and cozy living rooms that their inspiration from Scandinavian design and obtain inspiration for only yourself.

Probably the most basic characteristics of the style is natural wood. In Scandinavian countries, the tree is sacred. As forests stretching as eye, these people constantly manage natural forests and maybe have a special relationship with nature. Natural wood is clean and light is definitely an advantage, like the wood of pine, birch, fir, oak, beech. To create a peaceful atmosphere inside the living room tree is favored to become smooth and rounded shapes. The colour palette in Scandinavian decors is extremely light and simple and it also usually includes shades of gray and blue in addition to a great deal of white. Sometimes bold touches of color could be seen every now and then.

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